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Current Shares | 40% |


Historic Shares | 60% |

first thing : You need a plot that was generated for your own account (just like on solo mining)
please read forum how to generate plot
  • Run your burst client (wallet)
  • Using your browser go to
    Set Reward
  • on the bottom ( see "Set reward recipient" )
  • Put your account secret passphrase there (the one you use to login into your wallet)
  • set recipient as
  • click submit, then wait for 4 block
  • now you can close your wallet
  • Download miner [ java7 : win,osx,linux ] or

[ ---- for java miner ---- ]
  • Please read Readme.txt first, and make sure you have java 7 installed
  • Edit run_mine.sh (or run_mine.bat on windows), set url to
  • run miner (run_mine.sh or run_mine.bat)
[ ---- for dcct linux miner ---- ]
  • there are executable included, but you might need to recompile it by yourself, to compile run
    make dcct-miner
  • to run this miner
    ./dcct-miner burstneon.ddns.net 8124 /path/to/plots/dir/
  • you can add one or more plots just add more path at the end of command line ( dont forget to add trailing '/')

if you encounter some network issue like "Unable to get mining info from wallet" or "failed to submit nonce", contact the admin on the chat.
  • Minimum payout is 20 Burst
  • Pool fee is 0.5%
  • Distribution is 20 % Current Shares | 80 % All Shares
  • Transaction fee is 0.5% (or minimum 1 burst as required by the network)
  • Payment is instant when pool has positive balance
  • Share value reduction is 50% per block
  • if pool on current round does not find a block, miners shares are keep (up to 50 blocks), but their value is reduced by 50% everytime we dont found a block. when pool has positive balance, all share are summed up to block# where payment will be made, and burst payment are made proportional to total share miners own up to this time

  • Block forward allocation is 50%
  • if pool has a balance (lets say 10000 burst), 5000 are distributed for miner proportional to their shares up to current block as payment, the rest 5000 burst will be allocated and paid for next round, (whether we found a block or not), this allocation continue until pool balance is drained out

  • No Deadline limit
  • deadline value from miner is converted into share value using this equation
    share = 1000 / ( NetDiff * Deadline + 1 ) 0.75
    where NetDiff (network difficulty) is calculated by Block0-BaseTarget / Block#N-BaseTarget

    note : to prevent user spamming low share, we implement share penalty of -0.001 on each submission for miners who submit nonce that has higher deadline than their (current round) own best deadline, as spamming low share is no use since pool will always pick one best deadline for every submitted nonce per round.