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Pool Information

Payout Waiting Time 1 Block
Block Distribution 80% Historic Shares
20% Current Shares


Url: burstneon.com
Port 8080
Target Deadline 63072000
Automatic Payout 21.5 Burst

Starter Guide

Qbundle Install

Use this guide to setup the basic version of Qbundle to get up and running locally and a account created.

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Getting 1st Burst

There is a few ways to get your bust some are highlighted here.

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Plots And Pools

This will guide you through creating plots and how to join BurstNeon.

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Setup Miner

This will guide you through the setup of Blago Miner (CPU) and JMiner-CreepMiner (GPU).

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Update DataBase

There have been many updates and the database version was the latest in many updates to help increase security and reliability.

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Use this guide to help with any issues such as database and popoff's.

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